DIY Natural Laundry Detergent

What are the best laundry powders out there? What are they made of? What are the best brands? Here is a review of the top 10 best non-organic laundry soaps that are going to work hard without negatively affecting the environment. 

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Bon Ami! – This soap is made in Germany and is made with fair trade ingredients. It rinses clean and dries quickly, leaving no lather, making it an easy alternative to other lathering detergents. Best soap for kids. Best liquid laundry soap.

Eco Laundry Powder – This eco-friendly laundry powder was created by a certified organic consultant, who uses simple ingredients from around the globe. The ingredients are simple and natural and include recycled plastic containers. This eco-laundry brand also uses vegetable-based dyes, which are better for the environment than the regular chemicals used with other soaps. Best all-natural laundry powder for the environment. Best liquid laundry soap.

Ecover – This DIY natural laundry detergent uses a combination of zinc and copper to create a light, natural feel, while still creating loads of powerful enzymes that break down and neutralize common allergens found in ordinary bar soap. The best option for heavy loads. Best for smaller loads. Best for children.

Garden of Life – This unscented powder is all-natural, which means it contains no toxic chemicals. It has no sodium or phosphates and no lye. The scent is fresh and it is a good all-purpose powder. Best choice for sensitive skin.

GreenBank – This eco-friendly laundry powder and organic liquid soap use recycled paper as the source of its ingredients. The ingredients are pure and are chemical-free. GreenBank is also a great alternative to other brands. Best choice for sensitive skin. Best for lighter loads. Best for larger loads.

Green Seal – This organic laundry detergent ingredient is made from coconut husks, which are safe to use and biodegradable. Best for all-purpose laundry detergents. Best option for those sensitive to chemicals. Best for those who want to minimize exposure to dangerous cleaning products.

The best laundry soap is made from organic ingredients like coconut husks, green clay and eco-friendly detergents like GreenBank powder, which doesn’t contain toxic chemicals and is biodegradable. These are some of the brands you may consider. With a little research, you can find organic brands that are not just all natural, but also contain no alcohol or petroleum products. It’s important to minimize exposure to dangerous cleaning products to protect your family.

You need to be aware that not all brands out there are created equally. The best laundry detergents should be mild on both fabric and hair. They should be fragrance free and gentle to your skin. They should be healthy and be created using ingredients like potassium sorbate, sodium laureth sulphate and ammonium phosphate.

These detergents are biodegradable and good for fabric damage, stain repellent and they are non-toxic molly suds. GreenBank non-toxic molly suds laundry powder is an excellent option. It works as a stain remover, a fabric softener and disinfectant. It has no color, odor or taste and is suitable for use in any washing machine.

If you have hard water build up in your toilets, dishwashers or showers, the best natural laundry detergent would be GreenBank non-toxic molly suds. It works very well on these stubborn stains and will help to lift them right off your delicate fabrics. It also cleans and disinfects with ease and is gentle enough to wash baby clothing with. This biodegradable liquid detergent is also great for hard water removal from stainless steel and copper pots and pans and it can effectively remove grease and dirt.

There are many other ingredients that can help you in your cleaning challenges and if you choose the right one you can get great results in both your home and at work. Using a good biodegradable detergent like GreenBank DIY natural laundry detergent will not only help you clean easier, it will help you with your laundry tasks faster and easier too. There are many brands to choose from and each one has its own set of benefits and features. Make sure that you choose a detergent that uses ingredients like potassium sorbate which is a de-odorizer and softener and sodium laureth sulphate that makes sure that your clothes are free from dust and lint and those with added benefits like anti-soiling or bleaching. Other added features might be citric acid for removing stains and tartar and tea tree oil for keeping bacteria away.

In addition to the benefits of GreenBank DIY natural laundry detergent, it is made with a system of cutting edge ingredients such as bamboo vinegar and organic rosemary. Bamboo vinegar and organic rosemary are both powerful organic disinfectants and will help to lift the toxicity out of the water that you use for washing your clothes. These powerful ingredients will eliminate all of the toxins that you expose your family to from cleaning solutions, from pesticides and fertilizers to plastic bags and disposable diapers. You need to start thinking about how you are using the chemicals in your cleaning supplies and on your clothes every day. There are alternatives like GreenBank DIY natural laundry detergents and laundry soaps that have no toxins and will leave your clothes cleaner and healthier.